A fortnight in Katipunan

november 17, 2011

Since 7 Nov., I’m inhabiting a condo in the Katipunan neighbourhood of Quezon City. After almost two weeks, I finally found the time and a good enough internet connection to write a bit about it here 😉

The temperature takes some getting used to again, that’s for sure. I try to keep the aircon off as much as possible because that thing uses tons of power. The electric fan can make it cool enough (bearable) too 🙂
My place isn’t the Hilton, nor a golfcourse large. But it’s big enough for one, and the front desk makes it feel a bit like a hotel still :p

To save a bit on food-costs and to not gain a ton, I try to frequently use the cooker my landlady was kind enough to provide. The supermarket is literally a 5-minute walk away, and the food’s better than McD0 and the likes.

While I’m here, I’m also attempting to find a job and make a living, so I don’t flush my Belgian savings down the drain. My application of last Monday was followed by a call from the recruiter today. She asked me if I couldn’t stay longer, as the position I applied for requires a minimum stay of 1 year. Impossible, unfortunately. On the plus side, she’s gonna try her best to find a temporary job still, so we’ll see.

I’m still applying with other companies too and am sifting through the local job-ads starting tomorrow,  so hopefully something will surface for me to earn some dough in the coming four months.

As for my internet connection, I now have a stable wireless connection (3G) via Sun Cellular. They offer an affordable postpaid-plan which only requires a valid ID. Since the prepaid options are very expensive at the end of the month, I opted for a subscription.

3G however does not mean lightning speeds, which is why it might take a while before the pictures hit facebook. I’ll do what I can to get them online asap, but my first priority now is finding employment.

Take care and till next time.


Dries gaat op reis – nog 1 maand te gaan.

september 27, 2011

Over een maand vertrek ik richting Filippijnen en dat leek me een mooi moment om de draad van deze blog terug op te pikken en hem om te turnen naar een soort van “dries-in-de-filippijnen-blog, naar analogie met alle Erasmusstudenten-blogs).

Met een maand op de timer heb ik nog heel wat te doen, heel wat andere zaken zijn al gedaan. Intussen ook nog werken en pendelen maakt dat het een beetje zoeken is wanneer wat te doen, wat tot de vaststelling leidt dat een weekend ook niet rekbaar is 🙂

Voorlopig houd ik het hierbij, want morgen moet ik er weer vroeg uit. Maar zo heb ik toch een eerste bericht, één maand op voorhand 😉